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The Noise Next Door’s Really Really Good Afternoon Show…Through Time!

‘Hilarious… a superior kind of chaos’ - The Daily Telegraph 

The Noise Next Doorthe quickest wits in comedy, present a side-splitting, jaw-dropping, time-travelling adventure that’s fun for literally everyone.

Dinosaurs? Egyptians? Robots? WHEN do they go next? It’s up to you, the audience! Your suggestions are transformed in the blink of an eye into ferociously funny scenes and songs. Join the gang for their 12th year at the Fringe on a journey through history, to the future, and back again.

A show for all ages?

A show that entertains everyone sounds too good to be true, but The Noise Next Door have proved time and again that they can make pretty much anyone laugh; and all at the same time. This show is still packed full of The Noise Next Door’s signature lightning-quick wits and controlled chaos that you see in their tour shows, and their infamous ‘Lock In’ show, except here they omit the swear words and explicit material.

In 2018 glowing audience feedback came from varied sources such as young children, elderly couples and a stag-do (Yes, really!) The Noise Next Door’s Sam Pacelli said, “There’s a strange idea around comedy that it can only be for one type of person, or one age group. That doesn’t happen as much in other areas, like films. We’ve created a show that literally anyone and everyone can enjoy and laugh at.”

The history of ‘The Really, Really Good Afternoon Show’

This new show is actually the fifth in a series of epic themed ‘Really, Really Good Afternoon’ shows at The Gilded Balloon. It all began with the first one in 2015 in the 150 seater Wine Bar space. The show was such a success that the next year the guys ‘graduated’ to Gilded Balloon’s flagship theatre – the 350 seater Debating Hall where they’ve been every year since.

The Noise Next Door are Matt Grant, Sam Pacelli, Tom Livingstone & Robin Hatcher. An eclectic quartet of best friends; one loves wrestling as much as he does Disney, one is an experienced rock climber, one writes children’s fiction and the other is an obsessive Craig David fan.


The Really Really Good Afternoon Show will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Gilded Balloon every day at 3pm. Click HERE for tickets. 

Noise Next Door Live At The Palladium
Noise Next Door Live At The Palladium