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Kevin Quantum – Illuminations

'The art of deception demonstrated perfectly' ★★★★★ - Three Weeks

Welcoming back Kevin Quantum – with his new show ‘Illuminations‘.

After a sell-out run last year, magician-scientist hybrid Kevin Quantum presents his brand new show ‘Illuminations’. Showcasing stunning light-based illusions, including the slowing of time using flickering beams, a will-o’-the-wisp floating above your head and for the first time ever, the creation of a rainbow live on stage. Enter the exotic space where science ends and magic begins with the Magic Circle magician tutored by Penn & Teller.

‘Epic stunts, genuinely impressive magic’ ★★★★★ (
‘Art of deception demonstrated perfectly’ ★★★★★ (ThreeWeeks).
‘Astonishing’ ★★★★★ (Evening News).

Kevin Quantum

More about Kevin:

Ten years ago, unassuming scientist Kevin paused his Physics PhD to become a magician. Placing a scientist into the shoes of a magician sounds like a crazy reality TV format, but Kevin has thrived, applying a rigour to the world of mystery with enigmatic results. A decade on and still a conjuror, Kevin shoots magic into the 21st century by illustrating scientific principles so amazing you need to turn to magic to express them live.

Having spent the first ten years of his adult life completely immersed in Physics and the next ten in magic, Member of the Magic Circle Kevin is most likely the only person on the planet who’s reached the magic 10,000 hours needed to make you an ‘expert’ – in both areas. He’s also one of a very few people that counts quantum physics as a hobby. Vanish, transport, transform, escape, levitate, predict – the six key areas of magic. All now claimed also by science. The line between the natural and unnatural has never been more blurred, and as these polar opposites finally converge, Kevin explains why mystery is doubtless the most important concept in Science.

Kevin has appeared in BBC documentaries (“Titanic”, “Dissection”), consulted for the National Theatre of Scotland and broken a Guinness World Record. He was the first magician to perform a magic act at the Globe Theatre in London, and has produced some of the most inventive performance magic formats in recent years (“The Secret Room”, “Tower of Illusion”, “Magic a la carte”). He has also had much recent success with magic-comedy-sketch-group “The Colour Ham” (nominees at Scottish Comedy Awards 2014,2015). As magic creatures go, Kevin fits somewhere between Gandalf and Brian Cox is the closest thing to real magic a believer or cynic will ever find at the Fringe.

'Illuminations' Trailer
'Illuminations' Trailer