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Brand new solo show from the star of 'Dominant' and 'Sweaty Sexy Party Party'

John Robertson (The Dark Room, Videogame Nation) was beaten up at school for liking Star Trek. And goddammit, those kids were right. So, now, 20 years later, he takes his revenge.

The internet has bred a generation of nerds who take fun things far, far too seriously, so it’s time for a proper geek to tear the hell out of the things you like.

Prepare for an hour of jokes about all your interests – Game of Thrones, sports, politics, sex, videogames, trains, anime, Harry Potter, the endless, endless, endless amount of superhero films – whatever it is, chances are you love something too much and deserve to be mocked.

John’s spent over a decade performing at comic-cons, which means he’s smoked dope with the cast of Harry Potter, shared a bathroom with Jason Momoa and David Duchovny, made a videogame, been a professional wrestler, sung heavy metal, dubbed anime, gone viral and measured the volume of Brian Blessed’s penis (deafening.) Bring him your fandoms for a joyous celebration of what it truly means to be a fan – intense love, and an acknowledgment that the thing you like is also very, very terrible.

“A splendid comedy beast ” ★★★★ The Scotsman

 ★★★★ The Age

★★★★★ Broadway World

★★★★★ ThreeWeeks