Get ready for Time Travel, Comedy Curiosities and Lanky Urban Wizards…

We weren’t lying when we said we were only just starting with our announcement line up for EdFringe 2019! Starting off with a familiar face to Austin Talent, the incredible Pete Heat will be bringing his mind-blowing magic show ‘Massive Wizard’. We’re also stoked to be bringing the EdFringe legends ‘The Noise Next Door‘ back for their 12th consecutive year! Both their family show, aptly named ‘The Noise Next Doors Really Really Good Afternoon Show: THROUGH TIME’ and their famous late night improv guest show ‘The Noise Next Doors Comedy Lock-In’.


The biggest magician at the EdFringe, and probably in the UK. If anyone knows a magician topping 6″7 let us know!

Literally massive. Literally a wizard. No smoke and mirrors around this show title! The lankiest man in magic has decided to take a break from teaching Jude Law how to be an actual wizard, and is instead putting on a show of epic proportions at the brand new Gilded Ballon venue ‘Patter Hoose‘ for the EdFringe!

Some of you may recognise the impossible-to-miss magician from a couple of his Sky TV series: in ‘Around The World in 80 Tricks‘ our professional tall man aka Pete Heat travels around the world whilst dropping jaws in every continent.

In his second series ‘Secrets of The Brain’, he takes us on a journey exploring human instinct, so if you’re planning taking a peak prepare for your heart to race and stomach to churn as he teaches us a thing or two about our seemingly magical gut feeling!

‘The Rock and Roll Magician’ NME

Pete Heat is on at the Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose at 20:45pm from 31st July to 26th August. Don’t miss out!

Click here for tickets to Pete Heat at the EdFringe!

The Noise Next Door’s Really Really Good Afternoon Show THROUGH TIME

Time travel never looked so fun!

If you don’t know The Noise Next Door, what rock have you been living under? The EdFringe legends return, and this year The Noise Boys are bringing a family show unlike any other.

Get ready for a full hour of their side-splitting, anarchic improv based completely on the audience’s suggestions, set throughout the ages! Dinosaurs? Vikings? Robots!? Ancient Egypt?! The French Revolution?!? SPACE??!?! It’s a show tailor-made to whatever the audience want it to be, transformed by the quickest wits in comedy!

With the summer holidays running throughout August, shows that everyone can enjoy can be hard to find at the EdFringe; but look no further. The Noise Next Doors Really Really Good Afternoon Show is for everyone from 6 to 106! A brilliantly inclusive comedy hour that’ll have the moodiest of teenagers howling with laughter.

The Noise Next Doors Really Really Good Afternoon Show THROUGH TIME is on at the Gilded Balloon Debating Hall everyday at 3pm, so bring your loudest voices and biggest laughs for an amazing afternoon!

Click here for tickets to ‘The Noise Next Doors Really Really Good Afternoon Show THROUGH TIME’ at the EdFringe!

The Noise Next Door’s Comedy Lock-IN

The Noise Next Door are Matt GrantTom Livingstone, Sam Pacelli and Robin Hatcher

It’s a show so renowned at the Edinburgh Fringe it needs no introduction … so let’s humble-brag on their behalf instead! After 11 sell-out EdFringe runs, The Noise Next Door are bringing back their legendary ‘COMEDY LOCK-IN’ for its 12th consecutive year in Edinburgh!

With previous guests including Katherine Ryan, Romesh Ranganathan and Milton Jones, the Comedy Lock-In is a chance to watch some of the largest names at the EdFringe completely out of their comfort zone. Forget well written sets and safety nets, guests are thrown in at the deep end of improv with hilarious results.

With a different guest line up every night, and no two shows ever the same, it’s hardly a surprise that they’re a staple EdFringe favourite! Catch the Noise Boys at the Pleasance Courtyard in Pleasance 2 at 22:50pm from the 31st to the 25th August. Tickets have a tendency to fly for this show, so grab them whilst you can from the link below!

The Noise Next Door on Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live!

Click here for tickets to ‘The Noise Next Doors COMEDY LOCK-IN’ at the EdFringe!

And this isn’t even our final form; keep an eye out for more announcements on the Austin Talent Edinburgh line up over the next few weeks!

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