We told you! When it comes to Edinburgh Fringe 2019 the Austin Talent team are bursting with new announcements! We’re absolutely stoked to announce that Austin Talent will also be bringing two new acts to the Edinburgh Fringe! Impressionist Naomi McDonald and the late night, musical comedy pub quiz ‘Les Quizérables’ to the Edinburgh Fringe 2019!

Naomi McDonald (a comedy queen) & Les Quizerables (comedy for queens)


For those unfamiliar with Naomi, you may recognise her from her vast voice acting career as well as being a former member of NewsRevue & star of BBC Radio 2’s ‘Celebrity Lip Service’ alongside fellow impressionists such as Jess Robinson, Luke Kempner and Darren Harriott. From the Harry Potter video game series to Dark Souls, she’s the underground vocal talent you definitely HAVE heard before!

She debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018 with her first solo-show ‘Stardumb’, exploring the life and minds of some of our favourite celebrities. It had an amazing two week run at Fireside that gave her the inevitable fringe-fever. This year she’s bringing her new show ‘Copycat’ to Just The Tonics ‘The Caves’ venue for the full run! The show promises to be a perfectly eclectic mix of everyone’s favourite famous personalities with side-splitting twists of character. Even impressionist legend Rory Bremner has praised Naomi’s “brilliant impressions”! If you can’t wait to see what’s in store, you can catch her previews of the new show at 2Northdown in London on April 23rd!

Waiting for the Call & Austin Talent present: LES QUIZÉRABLES!

And now, a few queens who are no strangers to musical comedy. Producers of the underground improvised musical comedy sensation NOTFLIX (also coming the the EdFringe!), ‘Waiting For the Call‘ improv presents LES QUIZÉRABLES! A pub quiz for musical theatre nerds throughout the world! It’s a raucous evening testing your theatre trivia and vocal power. An absolute must for anyone who finds themselves suppressing the urge to sing-along during broadway performances, or has to tie their jazz hand down during musicals!

Situated in the brand new Just the Tonic venue‘The Wyndy Room’, join your quiz master, Little Cosette aka Katie Pritchard (WINNER: 2Northdown New Act Competition) for a late night musical fight for freedom, love and trivia!

Tickets to Naomi McDonald at the Edinburgh Fringe HERE

Tickets to Les Quizérables at the Edinburgh Fringe HERE

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