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Breakthrough BAFTA Brit Winner Luisa Omielan is returning to the O2 Forum in London for her biggest show of the year: THE VALENTINES PARTY! For one night only, Luisa is bringing her critically acclaimed show ‘Politics For Bitches’ to Kentish Town, followed by the afterparty of the year.


The ‘REBELLION’ Valentines Party

The theme for this Valentines show is ‘Power Suits & War Paint’. Ladies, it’s time to get dressed up and enjoy the show in your most powerful, business bitch apparel because tonight is the night to be the BOSS! Gentlemen, go bold. It’s time to be bright, daring, and fabulous! (Oh, and bring trainers for dancing/partying/staying out all night.) Because the party doesn’t stop there!

The recently announced ‘DJ Nikki Beatnik‘ will be performing live for the afterparty of the year! Known for her sets at Bestival and Lovebox, DJ Nikki has worked with Jay-Z and toured with Kelis, so prepare for a night of amazing anthems!

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Fresh from it’s sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Politics For Bitches was heralded as “One of the most powerful and provocative hours at the Fringe” (Telegraph). And it’s not hard to see why.

“Politics is like a penis being shoved in my face first thing in the morning” Says Luisa. And no matter how hard she smacks it away, it’s still there. But she’s going to give it a shot this time, what could possibly go wrong?

From the difference between the Tories and the Conservatives, to female leadership figures the world over; Luisa highlights issues that are ultimately political that most of us would never think to question. But there’s a deeper motivation to these shows…

In 2017 Luisa lost her mother to cancer. But the NHS, the system that we all use, failed her mother completely. Instead of letting it go, Luisa decided to use the platform she built from her break-out shows ‘What Would Beyonce Do?’ and ‘Am I Right, Ladies?’ to make a difference.  In a seat-gripping call to arms, Luisa challenges the way we see politics, and makes us want to do something about it.

And you can bet she makes sure to empower everyone within earshot.

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