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After taking the UK by storm, Luisa Omielan has announced the autumn residency dates of her USA debut!

Known for unapologetically conquering comedy’s most difficult topics, Luisa has never shied away from things we’re not talking about. Her previous shows have tackled issues from male suicide and body dysmorphia, to cancer and politics. With the BBC series ‘Politics for Bitches’, she went on to earn a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit title in 2018. Her undaunted approach has left audiences howling with laughter and heartache in equal measure. But always, always leaving with an empowering call to arms. So, whether it’s to make a change, to see your worth or appreciate taxes, Luisa has changed the game.

Now she’s bringing the very best of her three hit shows to the one and only Soho Playhouse in NEW YORK CITY! ‘More Than A Thigh Gap’ is an amalgamation of the critically acclaimed shows that launched her into the public eye. From ‘What Would Beyoncé Do?‘, ‘Am I Right Ladies?‘ and ‘Politics For Bitches‘. Taking the very best parts of all three, ‘More than a Thigh Gap‘ will step up Luisa’s groundbreaking comedy rebellion to international heights.

Adam who?

But it’s not easy being a Queen…

However, earlier in the year the American debut almost wasn’t meant to be. Long time fans of Luisa Omielan know that her constant companion and queen of emotional support, Bernie the Bernese Mountain Dog, rarely leaves her side. After making the decision to take Bernie to experience all the glory of the United States first hand, costs of the potential debut began to rocket.

Name a more iconic duo … We’ll wait…

So, in order to make her dream of performing in NYC a reality, Luisa has turned to her faithful and fabulous fans. Her incredible audience has previously helped to crowdfund costs for her DVD filming of ‘Am I Right Ladies?’. After filming she released the full show for free on YouTube. And during the period of her mothers passing, her fans helped raise enough to cover funeral expenses as well as donating over £40,000 to ‘Helena’s Hospice‘ – a charity established by Luisa to help to provide luxuries to those in end of life care hospices up and down the country.

So now she’s turning to her gorgeous audience again. The ‘Coming To America‘ crowdfund campaign will be to help Luisa Omielan crack America with her best friend at her side the whole way. With a goal of £15,000 to cover travel to and from NYC, dog friendly accommodation, visa, venue hire, vet fees, PR, marketing, promo and dog biscuits. To donate to the cause

Luisa Omielan ‘More Than A Thigh Gap’ will run at the Soho Playhouse, NYC. Tickets available from 13/09/2019 – 07/10/2019. To book your tickets, click here!

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