The Overlord of Improv Comedy has announced his Solo Show residency at 2Northdown!

John Robertson, the Australian master of the razor-sharp retort, has announced a residency at 2Northdown with his brand new solo comedy show  ‘FRIDAY NIGHT RIOT.’

At the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018, a rumour began circulating. A shirtless comedian had drawn his entire audience out into the street. He proceeded to climb on top of a gold postbox in Hunters Square covered in what looked like butter as his enraptured audience chanted “Beans! Beans! Beans!”. He then harnessed the bellowing power of Brian Blessed and yelled: “DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?”

If there were questions, you couldn’t hear them over the roar of laughter that followed.

This man was, of course, John Robertson. Known for his masterful command of an audience with little more than the relentless energy of a tiger that’s been given 30 redbulls, and the clothes on his back (or without them in fact, as his previous shows ‘Sweaty Sexy Party Party’ and ‘Dominant’ demonstrated.)

No one is safe. He takes no prisoners. John’s unrelenting brand of comedy earned him nothing less that five star reviews throughout his entire run of ‘Sweaty Sexy Party party’ at The Edinburgh Fringe 2018.

Undoubtedly, his most well known performance is that of cult-comedy-hit ‘The Dark Room”. Comparatively, John harnesses’ that same high-octane energy, and unleashes it in ways that has his audience screaming with laughter. And wetting themselves in terror.

Friday Night Riot: ‘A Late Night Talk Show F*ck Around’

Like his shows ‘Sweaty Sexy Party Party’ and ‘Dominant’, the premise of ‘FRIDAY NIGHT RIOT’ hold’s true to it’s very definition: ‘a violent disturbance of the peace by the crowd’ … except this is one man putting on a suit and making the audience do whatever he wants, and doing whatever he wants to the audience.

He might bring on special guests, engage a partially-live house band, indulge in public whippings, or whatever else he feels like doing on the night.

What we do know is that it’s a late night talk show, but it’s unhinged, unleashed & completely uncommercial.

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